An archive of flash fiction posts that I’ve posted on Twitter.

The intrepid explorer received yet another request to attend the committee meeting on the ethical standards of interstellar travel.

They couldn’t help by wonder, how does the secretary unerringly pick a time that is the only free slot between engagements? It was maddening.

@AlanBaxter A seemingly boring suburban family goes all out for this year’s neighbourhood Halloween decoration competition.

Unaware that the old warlock across the street is planning his revenge for their past misdeeds.

Tonight their pumpkin spiced animatronic tat awakens. #bwahaha

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Meandering through town the intrepid explorer saw scrawled on the back of a sign a message from an unknown stranger:

“Lost me marbles”

Now there was a sentiment they could get behind and empathise with

Returning from their most recent expedition the intrepid explorer saw a sign that said ‘G Sale’.

They wondered, what was so special about the letter G that it deserved to be on sale? How much would the alphabet cost anyway?

There are two big problems with having a reading habit, thought the intrepid explorer.

First, the sadness at finishing a good book, doubly so for a series.

Second, navigating a huge TBR pile in search of the next good book.

They hoped their current search would end soon.

The intrepid space explorer h̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ l̶o̶a̶t̶h̶e̶d̶ despised exploring in the “unprecedented times” of this new world.

They wished for the simpler times when risks were identifiable & measurable.

But mostly when their breathing techniques worked to quell their anxiety.

The intrepid explorer made it home after a successful expedition.

The drawbridge was raised, the portcullis lowered, the crocodiles let into the moat, and the security drones deployed.

Only then, with a sigh of relief, could they relax. Knowing the world was kept out.

The intrepid explorer settled down for a nights rest. Staring up at a dark sky filled with constellations yet to be named. So very different from home.

“I’ve done it, I’ve survived another day”, they thought.

The hunter watched the stranger. Waiting, learning and planning.

It was time for the speech:

“Remember intrepid explorers, no matter how small a part you feel you play, you’re a vital part of all expeditions. We’re all in this together, we all have a part to play in each other’s stories”

A reminder he hoped helped them as much as himself

“The dead tell no tales, you can’t prove anything” he said confidently

“Really?” she asked


“This will surprise you then”

She invoked her necromantic magic and listened

“Hmmm, she has lots to say. Your a very bad man”


“Yeah, you’re nicked”