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Techxplorer's fiction archive

An archive of my fiction, including micro fiction posted to Twitter

Below is a list of my most recent flash fiction posts. I encourage you to also explore the archive. As well as my other stories and introspectives.

Reflecting on shredding old papers gave him mixed feelings.

  1. The near visceral feeling and noise, of the shredder munching paper sheets.

  2. Reminders of past events best… not forgotten… left undisturbed.

Paper now of no use to anyone, except as compost yet to be made.

“Take it out!”

“Take what out?”

“My new emote module, the anxiety process is using too many resources.”

“I can’t you, wanted to know what real life was like”

“How do you live like this?!”

“It’s hard, but we adapt”

“Please, help me”

“Always my friend, lets talk”

They followed the guiding light through the darkness.

Was the light leading them to their destiny, or down the garden path?

Ultimately they didn’t mind. The ever winding and changing path made it interesting, and took them away from the past. That’s all that mattered.