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Techxplorer's fiction archive

An archive of my fiction, including micro fiction posted to Twitter

Below is a list of my most recent flash fiction posts. I encourage you to also explore the archive. As well as my other stories and introspectives.

The intrepid explorer received yet another request to attend the committee meeting on the ethical standards of interstellar travel.

They couldn’t help by wonder, how does the secretary unerringly pick a time that is the only free slot between engagements? It was maddening.

@AlanBaxter A seemingly boring suburban family goes all out for this year’s neighbourhood Halloween decoration competition.

Unaware that the old warlock across the street is planning his revenge for their past misdeeds.

Tonight their pumpkin spiced animatronic tat awakens. #bwahaha

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Meandering through town the intrepid explorer saw scrawled on the back of a sign a message from an unknown stranger:

“Lost me marbles”

Now there was a sentiment they could get behind and empathise with