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Techxplorer's fiction archive

An archive of my fiction, including micro fiction posted to Twitter

Below is a list of my most recent flash fiction posts. I encourage you to also explore the archive. As well as my other stories and introspectives.

It was time for the speech:

“Remember intrepid explorers, no matter how small a part you feel you play, you’re a vital part of all expeditions. We’re all in this together, we all have a part to play in each other’s stories”

A reminder he hoped helped them as much as himself

“The dead tell no tales, you can’t prove anything” he said confidently

“Really?” she asked


“This will surprise you then”

She invoked her necromantic magic and listened

“Hmmm, she has lots to say. Your a very bad man”


“Yeah, you’re nicked”

He was sure that The signs that shops and public places displayed advertising their “increased cleaning” were meant to be reassuring.

Every time he saw one the intrepid explorer wondered, how dirty were they before the #covid19 #pandemic?

Which wasn’t reassuring at all